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We work with the most urgent orders. When your editor is gone, and the video is needed tomorrow, when the shooting is in another city and is just about - you can rely on us. Thanks to our experience, we have learned to react quickly!

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We will immediately discuss the terms of reference in order to accurately calculate it. The client pays only for the result, and not for the time the operator spends on the shooting. You will immediately know the project budget!

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Need a consultation? Write hello@gws.productions or call +38 (050) 442 48 95

How much does a video cost?
Calculating the cost of video production is not at all easy, because it consists of rented equipment, specialists, actors, make-up artists, rented locations and many other components. They are formed based on the script. Don't worry, we will prepare an estimate for you, in which everything will be spelled out.
How is the work on the video going?
First, you leave a request. If you need a creative, we present a commercial offer. After payment, we make three creative concepts for the video. You choose one of them, and we write a script based on it, draw a storyboard, make an estimate for production. After the approval of the script and estimate, we conclude a contract. Let's start filming. Upon completion of the work, we send you a video in all the required formats and sign the certificate of completion.
What is storytelling?
Storytelling is a way of communicating information through history. In other words, it is drama. In advertising, storytelling uses the basic formula "Character Experience = Viewer Experience". Simple video cuts are not surprising in our time, and therefore you need to add to the videos something that can touch the depths of the soul - history.
Are you promoting videos?
Yes, we offer a service of posting videos on social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Instagram, as well as on YouTube. The cost of promotion is calculated individually and depends on the quantity and quality of your target audience.
How do I choose the type of video?
Each video must solve some problem and we, as video production, can advise which video you need.
Are you working under a contract?
Yes, we work officially and conclude an agreement with each client. The terms of reference are attached to the contract. Like any company, we pay taxes, so the cost of our work is higher than that of freelancers.
How do you work?
A simple set of frames to music is no surprise now. Therefore, we do not just make videos - we tell stories! From the first frame, the viewer should be immersed in the video. To do this, we are trying to create a whole visual world, with our own details and style. The shooting experience helps to realize any idea. Everyone loves to listen to stories. Therefore, we do not just show the strengths of the product, but collect them into whole stories. Our ideas are our hallmark. Just a story - it doesn't matter if it is told dryly. The viewer must cry and laugh, we use emotional triggers that will make everyone feel the emotion.
What is our approach to projects?
From the first frame, the viewer should be immersed in the video. To do this, we are trying to create a whole visual world, with our own details and style. Shooting experience helps us to realize any idea.
How to join your team?
We are waiting for your resume on our Instagram.

How does production live?

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